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hunn ... BABYLON2 improved further and actually this very stable ... the XBPartitioner Updated to 1.3 is a very good tool in this same software.

Virtually impeccable!41

Many thanks SPPV77
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Yeah theres been a few improvments based on feed back from the open BETA release. Now Updates and Downloads can be accessed via the SYSTEM tab, a Corruption SCanner was added (MD5 hashes all files in your Babylon2 folder and compares to them to the master MD5 file I keep on my server. And Net Build which I am very exited about, just getting my FTP server online to support it (may be another few days before its ready) Currently it will be just BETA and ALPHA builds. Instead of downloading the whole package, just download an exe and it will pull the files as needed off the server. Kinda my version of Cloud Based. I hope to extend it to FULL releases as well but I need to figure some financial shit for that since Im 100% opposed to using ads or charging. We have a few big game companies and PC companies here that I consult to and hopefully I can work something out with them for funding in exchange for putting their game demos on my site or something. Main thing is SPPV-Apps and Babylon will remain clean, I wont fall into the massive SID/AID cash hole I saw at HQ and convinced me to resign my admin position.
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Great job 7777
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Always wanted to try this , the links above are dead and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where to get it?

Thanks guy
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Should check your PMs at XBMC I sent you the links like 2 weeks ago lol

Babylon 2 6-13 Installer
Update 1
Update 2a
Update 2b
Update 2c

Run the updates in order after installing the main program
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Holy crap you totally did and i completely spaced on noticing that.  All i can say is thank you for the replies both here and there. I can't wait to try it out. Keep up the great work that you do for us classic xboxers.
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