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[SDC] Volgarr the Viking (New Release)
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Obrigado man.
Visite nosso novo Fórum: Game OST
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cara, que jogo louco !
Nao seja um sanguessuga...
Se gostou: comente.
Se não Gostou: comente da mesma forma.
Comentários, agradecimentos ou reclamações incentivam nosso trabalho.
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new update has been released for this game.

Quote:Version History:


* (Taron) Added support for Achievement and Records tracking
* (Taron) Fixed World 4 Boss Theme music sometimes not playing
* (Taron) Added support for graphics clip rects (scissor test), to hide elements that aren't supposed to be visible (most notably the treasure pile being visible under the floor in the Home Base room).
* (Taron) Fade out between maps is now properly fading to/from Black instead of White
* (Taron) Swapped the order of the Water and Undead worlds to restore the original intended order of those Worlds (they are only out of order on other platforms due to late tester feedback and they were never swapped back due to not wanting to mess up Leaderboard scores, which doesn't apply here).


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Very Good!!! 77 77 77
[Image: xq6SQEg.gif]
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