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(SDC) Sega Tetris (NTSC-J)(CDI + GDI)
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vlw man !
Não existe um trabalho ruim, o ruim é ter que trabalhar!

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Hello, the links are expired. Could you upload new ones ?
(12-23-2015, 06:10 PM)fumanchu Wrote: Here is an upload i just finished for sega tetris for the sega dreamcast.

[Image: SegaTetris_DC_JP_Cover.jpg]

[Image: SegaTetris_DC_JP_Box_Back.jpg]

Quote:all the options are in japanese but this might help.

go to the first option in the options menu (has the text LEVEL beside some Japanese) - press A to change the value. Default is normal, first press gives you hard mode (starts off pretty fast) - and the high score table will show "Hard Mode" (you have to sit thorugh the demo to see that), second press gives you the weird sticky mode!! It has a separate high score table too - but the mode description isn't translated!

No idea what the next mode does - the high score table is labelled Normal - think it might be an easy mode because I THINK it's easier but that could be just my imagination!!!.

pressing A again brings you back to Normal.

Marathon Mode Level: Normal - Hard - Double Marathon - Easy
Vs. Mode Rounds: 1 - 3 - 5
BGM (Sound Test)
Sound: Stereo - Mono
Rumble Pack: Off - On

marathon mode is single player mode.

downlaod info
1 link download and mirrorlinks at 154mb
i have included a CDI version of the game in this download to play on a dreamcast console burned to cdr or an emulator and i have also included 2 GDI versions of the game to play on gdemu on your dreamcast or a dreamcast emulator.

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