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Neko ProjectX v0.8 +Roms (new update)
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Obrigado amigo.
Visite nosso novo Fórum: Game OST
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O XBox sempre me impressiona... até isso ele emula????!!!
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Neko ProjectX v0.8u1
by hcf

this is a small update.
Quote:I have recompiled a new version with a limit of 1000 roms. In the future I must add the 4096 limit suggested by Madmab, but I must test it first. On the other hand, I tested 1000 roms in DesmumeX launcher and it worked, so I think that we can use it confidently :)

Attached is the default.xbe launcher that supports up to 1000 roms. Simply unrar it and overwrite the old default.xbe with this new one.


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Whats is Neko Project?? It´s an emulator to which plataform?
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Muito obrigado vlw 111
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Thanks Fumanchu but two links is dead. 111
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