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XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 (new update)
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How to install?? Como instalar??
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XBMC4XBOX 3.5.3 (Junk Edition)
Quote:- The plugins included are as follows... 

1Channel XBMC4XBOX ( (2.0.2) 
Entertainment HUB ( (7.6.4) 
Pro Sport ( (0.65) 
SportsDevil ( (2016.09.24) 
cCloud TV ( (1.5.0) 

Community Portal 4Xbox (plugin.program.totalinstaller4xbox) (0.2) 

Navi-X (4.0) 

- Please check XBMC\scripts\.modules for the corresponding libraries (the nuts and bolts that make your plugins work)... If your plugins stop working, or you install new ones and they don't work, your answer is somewhere in this folder [Image: icon_e_wink.gif] 

- I have gone through the trouble of compatibility-testing the plugins that work (as stated above)... between 1channel4xbox, allinone, ccloudtv & navi-x, I was able to not only stream a ton of content, but also download some to my local drive (headache-free, I might add!)[Image: icon_cool.gif] If it doesn't work for you... Engage in some Google-fu. 

- Use the Community Portal 4Xbox and/or the Addons4Xbox Installer to find and install new video plugins directly ON the console... The repositories I chose to include in the Addons4Xbox Installer are as follows... (Helix) Add-ons 
noobsandnerds Repository Addon Repository Add-ons 
XBMC4XBOX Add-ons 
xbmcplus Add-on Repository 

^ Between all included Program plugins and repos, there are a ton of new ways to explore and play with plugins and compatibilities! Download and install and test anything you want, really! 

Genero: Skin APP
Servidor: Mediafire

Uploader: Usuário
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