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Resident Evil 3 HD Remake (fan project)
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Showing off some of the static backgrounds. In total there is over 1500 of these static BG files and Im nowhere close to having em all done 13  Hence this isnt ready for a full release yet

Old background
[Image: 9n8xhvl.jpg]

New cleaned up background
[Image: qol3Ug7.jpg]

Old background
[Image: zw8g8dY.jpg]

New background
[Image: uwzIHPp.jpg]
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Muito obrigado!!!
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Bom trabalho.
Nao seja um sanguessuga...
Se gostou: comente.
Se não Gostou: comente da mesma forma.
Comentários, agradecimentos ou reclamações incentivam nosso trabalho.
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Some ingame screenshots at 1080. Youll notice the characters (Jill/monsters) are nice and sharp while parts of the background have some blur. You can now see the little things like the Cerebus's (zombie dog) teeth and the Brain Deimos eyes and hairs. 

[Image: pYcNHUU.png]

Dead Brain Deimo
[Image: SqqhRBP.png]

Once the backgrounds are done it will be a simple 1 file update you copy into the RE3 folder overwriting the old rofs.dat. The original background collection is 131MB and the new one shouldnt be more than 175MB, on average the size per picture is only going up 20-30kb
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